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About Us

Founded by sisters Sarah and Kate Bennison, BENNISON™ produces high-quality children's wear for social good: for every Bennison™ sold, a pair of footed pajamas goes to a child in need in some of the poorest countries in the world.  Through the simple act of purchasing our garments, customers are saving lives:  babies die each year from complications related to body temperature regulation. Footed pajamas, acting as personal "incubators" have life-saving benefits.

Founder Sarah Bennison Machiels is a mother, professor, and activist. Sarah's work started at the Village Health Works Clinic in Burundi, East Africa, when doctors asked for footed pajamas to aid in temperature regulation for sick newborn babies. In places like Burundi without access to incubators and high rates of malnutrition, premature birth, and other health issues, infant mortality due to complications related to temperature regulation is not uncommon. What began as a movement of pajama collecting and donating that now spans donation sites all over the world. Her company, BENNISON™, sells high-quality children's wear, handmade in Lima, Peru, of the finest 100% Pima cotton. With each sale, customers give to children in need through donations of pajamas and through funds toward specific projects in maternal and children's health. To see this issue through Sarah's eyes, go to www.bennisonblog.com